What to Do if Your Office is Cold in the Summer


If you work in an office, chances are you need to hang on to a few knits and base layers to stay acclimatized to the cold blast of AC this summer. Uncomfortably cold conditions at the office seem biased for women in particular, as CNN reported “Most modern offices use climate control systems based on the metabolic rate of an average 40-year-old man who weighs 55 pounds.”

In fact, according to the CNN article, women’s metabolic rate is 20%-35% lower than men, which means the standards of what is “comfortable” vary. So if you don’t fall under this body composition category, or are among the 47% of women who make up the workforce today (in the U.S), the takeaways here are a) You are NOT alone, and b) Your frustrations are not unfounded. 

If you’re simply tired of wearing layers and wrapping yourself up like a babushka from Monday to Friday, here are a couple solutions that may bring you comfort.

Make your case

If you can get several coworkers, men and women alike, to rally together against a common discomfort in your workplace temperature, then rally. Start a petition and collect signatures from everyone who wants to see the temperature adjusted. This will be especially effective if the votes make up the majority of the office population. Collective action inspires collective impact, so if your boss or office manager is receiving multiple complaints at once, he or she is more likely to do something about it. If you require a little ammunition to help make your case, show them this study by Cornell University which shows links in environmental conditions to productivity (it actually states performance is decreased when it’s too cold). 

Get an electric space heater

When shopping for a portable electric heater, you’ll want to take size and efficiency into account so as not to arouse concern. The low-profile design of a True North Electric Space Heater prevents it from being tipped over. It has a built-in thermostat, making it the best heater for the office and the best heater for under a desk. With complete climate control options, you can set both heat output and fan settings to achieve your standard of comfort while you work. Its ultra-quiet motor makes it one of the most quiet space heaters on the market and won’t cause any disturbance, and with dual overheat protection you can absolutely feel safe if you forgot to switch it off before leaving for the day. That is of course, if you’re not taking it home with you every night!