How a minimalist approach to your workspace can maximize your productivity

Instagram and other photo sharing platforms rely on visually compelling pictures to keep you engaged. Every eyeball is revenue and to prolong your exposure and maximize the amount of advertising your eyeballs take in, Instagram serves you up image after beautiful image. If you step back and observe the commonalities, however, you’ll quickly see a trend: Regardless of what you’re looking at, minimalism trends supreme.

Caframo Brands found the minimalist trend prevails in most spaces our products are featured: Vans, RVs and boats where our SEEKR products can be found keeping a family cool from the corner of a picturesque interior. Cabin or cottage living spaces where an Ecofan is found on top of a cozy looking woodstove. And in the case of Comfort Solutions, desks so perfectly and minimally laid out it can bring a tear to an interior designer’s eye.

One thing every desk needs, and surprisingly not many desks have, is a fan. We all get hot while we work. Work by its nature is stressful and stress causes our core temperatures to rise. Reaching over mid email to flip a switch and cool yourself can quite literally save your workday. Without pausing your train of thought, you’ve cooled your body and thus your mind. This can save you time, creative energy, or more - maybe you don’t send that heated email to your colleague or boss. A desk fan is a must.

The Chinook fan is one of our oldest and best-selling products. Its blades are soft and finger safe and without a cage you don’t get nasty dust build up that’s impossible to clean. It’s also powerful for its size. But most importantly, its classic design comes in black or white, matching any desk decor while tucking perfectly out of the way. Yes, you could get a slightly smaller fan that connects via USB to your laptop, but you’ll find it lacking in air distribution and really, an extra cord coming from your laptop doesn’t jive with the whole minimalist vibe.

If you’ve got a desk design you’re proud of, tag us on Instagram! We’d like to get our Chinook on there, keeping you cool while you do your thing. Send us a note on IG @CaframoComfortSolutions.